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The Art of Decay

Wall Textures have always been and continue to be a great source of inspiration for me. The juxtaposition between the grit and the brightly colored paint fading into the Sun Light, speaks volumes to me as an artist. The more something is worn the more soul it seems to have, the more a song is played the more it takes on a life of its own, and in the end All songs fade into silence ear- regardless of genre and style. Every great art form is always in a state of flux, constantly growing evolving and ultimately fading back into the great mystery. When we Remember that everything is passing while simultaneously savoring every drop of the experience, that in my mind is the greatest work of art, a life well lived. Photos by MC Yogi

Spiritual Graffiti

Street Art conveys the values of a culture. Walking through India I can see the imagination of her people. Artist illuminate and bring the inner world to the surface so society can take benefit. This is why when I was painting and bombing the streets as a graff writer I eventually came to the realization that painting my own name was superficial and didn’t really benefit anyone besides my own ego. I never stopped painting but now I’m more interested in painting and creating something which inspires a greater sense of reverence. Love and respect. Hopefully these photo convey that Love.
Photos by Surendar, MC Yogi, Binsky & Ram

spiritual graffiti / Gandhi Manga Comic

Gandhi: A Manga Biography
by Kazuki Ebine (Penguin Paperback)

In clear, concise prose and evocative, engaging drawings, award-winning manga artist Kazuki Ebine’s GANDHI: A Manga Biography shows us the path of Gandhi’s life, from his childhood in India to his studies in England to the beginning of his activism in South Africa and his return to India to lead the movement for independence.

spiritual graffiti / Shiva is my idol

Check out this Om-azing Statue of Shiva! This is the world’s biggest wax model standing
22 Feet tall and weighing in at 6 tons!

A message from Kyle, Founder of Lotus Sculpture: Ever since I first met the artists of the Bronze Creative (South India) 8 years ago they have spoke of making the largest Nataraja ever cast.  It is wonderful for me to see them realize their dreams and ambitions.  Each year of visiting India I have seen their work get better and better.  The beauty, power and delicate nature of each Hindu God is evident in each murti they create in bronze.  They truly bring each Hindu God to life.  To see this amazing wax model of Nataraja is a testiment to their dedication to their art work and to the beauty of Shiva!
Lotus Sculpture

spiritual graffiti / GANDHI STREET ART

From movies to music, poetry to art, Gandhi‘s life continues to inspire countless generations
of Truth seekers, peace activists and non violent soldiers. Here is a small collection of Gandhi
inspired street art that I found. May Gandhi’s legacy continue to shine like a lighthouse
guiding us all toward the path of Truth and Love. Namastay Up!!!















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